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5 Natural Exercises To Increase Penis Size and Strength

Many men are not happy with how big their penis is. Even though the average adult Male penis size is under 5.5 inches, feelings of inadequacy are more prevalent than you might realize. Many men look for methods to increase penis size due to insecurities about size and masculinity.

Numerous men work out to enhance both their physical appearance and sense of self-worth. But are there also exercises you can do to get a bigger penis? This article examines the various penis exercises that assert to increase length and girth, despite the possibility that the male sex organ may not experience the ‘pump’ and growth attributed to other muscle groups.

The majority of men believe that having a long and thick penis will improve their sexual experience. The majority of women actually prefer their partners to have a thick and long dick. So how do you increase the penis? Penis stretching is the process of lengthening the penis using your hands or a device. Is it actually possible for this to occur? Well, this article will provide you with information on this subject that is supported by current research.

Facts about Penis Size

The majority of men desire a large penis, which causes them to develop an ego that slows down their thinking over time. Did you know that most women aren’t particularly interested in the length of your penis? Here are some fascinating details about penis size that you should be aware of.

  • Men typically aren’t happy with their partner’s penis, while most women are. For women, the penis’s thickness is important.
  • The majority of men think their penis size is smaller.
  • Your penis size is typically between 5.1 and 6.3 cm long.
  • A penis size typically has a thickness of 4.7 cm.

An earlier research into Indian men’s penis size

Average Circumference of PenisAverage Stretched Length of PenisAverage Circumference of Penis
Erect Dick13 cm or 5 ins11.44 cm or 4.4 in
Flaccid Dick8.20 cm or 3.2 in10.85 cm or 4.25 in9.12 cm or 3.5 in

Data from a survey of more than 1500 Indian men

Length Of Penis Percentage of Indian men in the survey
3 inches or less3.76%
3-5 inches32.49%
5-6 inches38.84%
6-7 inches16.69%
7-9 inches7.31%
9-12 inches0.78%

When does your penis stop increasing?

Understanding when and how a man’s penis size is determined is crucial before exploring the techniques that promise to support the natural enhancement of the male sex organ.

Once puberty is over, the penis stops increasing. The transition to adulthood for the majority of young males happens between the ages of nine and fourteen. A young man goes through a period of increased testosterone during which his penis lengthens and thickens. Most men have reached the maximum amount of penis growth by the time they are in their early twenties.

What is Penis Stretching? 

Penis stretching is the process of increase the penis using various methods, such as the hands or enlargement tools. Is this actually effective? Well, that is simply a fact, so yes. Most sexologists agree that women are more attracted to a penis’ width than its length, though.

Exercises To Increase Penis Size

You can achieve this naturally by performing penis stretching exercises. Gently massaging your penis with lubricants is one straightforward home remedy. Here are some exercises to help you get a big penis and enjoy having sexual dominance over your partner.

natural ways to increase penis size

1. Massage Exercise to Increase Penis Size

Lubricant is applied to the penis and gently massaged during this kind of manual exercise. This exercise is meant to stretch the skin on your penis, which will help to increase its size. To get quicker results, you must do this numerous times.

2. Penis Pump Exercise for Increase dick size

The penis must be attached to this stretching device in order to produce an erection right away. For men with erectile dysfunction, this is typically prescribed.

How To Use Penis Pump

What you must do is as follows:

  • Apply lubricant to the penis first to prevent irritation.
  • Over your penis, position the tube.
  • An erection will occur after a few minutes of the pump being on.

NOTE: You will be able to ejaculate quickly like you’ve never imagined when the pump is turned on. This will eventually cause the penis to enlarge.

3. Jelqing Exercise

Stretching the penis during jelqing causes microscopic tears in the tissue around the affected area. It is said that the healing of these microscopic wounds will aid in efforts to increase penis girth. A hard erection may result from improved circulation, which draws blood to the area.

Unfortunately, there is a lack of supporting scientific data. If too much force is used, it may harm the penis and even result in erectile dysfunction in some situations.

How To Do Jelqing exercise to increase penis size?

  1. Reach a semi-erect position. Jelqing is useless on a penis that is floppy.
  2. Use lubricant to increase comfort. Although doing so might make it easier to perform the jelqing exercise, it’s important to keep in mind that the purpose of stretching the penis is not to engage in masturbation.
  3. With your hand, draw a circle. Create a circle with the tips of your thumb and index finger, through which you can insert an erect or semi-erect penis.
  4. Squeeze your penis. While holding the base of your penis in the stretched position for 30 seconds, insert your semi-erect penis shaft through the circle while using only the fingers that formed the circle.
  5. Close the circle gradually. Circumambulate your penis gently, applying pressure to the penis shaft inside.
  6. Slowly stroke the penis. Gently massage the penis shaft in a milking motion, releasing the pressure as you approach the penis head’s crown. The actual stroking should be done slowly and steadily.
  7. Release and come back. The circle formed by your index finger and thumb should slowly reappear at the shaft’s base. You shouldn’t stretch your penis for more than 20 minutes.

When using the jelqing technique, if you feel like you’re about to climax, just let go of the circle and wait for the feeling to pass.

Conclusion: There is insufficient evidence to support the effectiveness of jelqing for naturally enhancing the penis; despite being widely used, the technique is not frequently advised as a medical treatment or accepted penis-lengthening exercise.

4. Stretching Exercise For Increase Penis Size

This workout is like milking a cow. One of the best exercises for promoting quicker results is this one. This is a variation of jelqing that only requires your thumb and index finger.

How To Do Stretching Exercise For Long Dick?

  • The Penis skin should slide from top to bottom using your thumb and index finger.
  • Spend 20 minutes on it. (Be sure not to masturbate.)
  • Allow the penis to relax if there is an erection, then continue after five minutes.
  • For at least 20 minutes each day, perform this exercise again.

5. Kegel Exercise For Long Penis

The ideal time for this exercise is right before or after a sexual encounter. You will need to gently massage the penis before sexual contact as part of this massage exercise. The size and thickness of the penis can be increased with this exercise.

How To Do Kegel Exercise For Increase Penis Size?

Gently rub the penis while holding it in one hand.
If there is an erection, let loose.

Do Penis Size Increase with Penis Enlargement Pills?

There are numerous pills available on the market that help increase penis size. These pills contain natural vitamins, minerals, and herbs that can give you a long-lasting erection as well as aid in the tiny tissues in your penis rupturing, stretching it, and lengthening it.

How to Increase Penis Size by Surgery

There are two methods for penis enlargement surgery, such as:

  1. increasing penis length and width by stealing fat cells from other body regions.
  2. the ligament holding the penis is cut. It will appear longer as a result.

Your penis can be made wider in a similar way to how it can be made longer. Just some men like it thicker or longer. The procedure to lengthen the penis takes a year, and the average increase from your normal size is 2 or more cm.

On the other hand, a ligament that holds the penis is cut during the other kind of surgery that can lengthen the penis. The nagle of the penis will change if this ligament is cut, giving the impression that the penis is longer. After this surgery, the average length that can grow is 2 cms.

NOTICE: Speak with a sexologist to learn more about enlarging the penis. He or she will advise you on the surgery necessary to increase penis size.

FAQ Related How to Increase Penis Size?

Which foods are good for the penis?

You can eat foods that increase T-levels, sperm count, and other factors, such as spinach, apples, avocados, carrots, oats, and tomatoes.

Is penis enlargement surgery safe?

Surgery to lengthen the penis may result in an addition of half an inch, but the penis remains the same length. Complications from surgery can include scarring, infection, and loss of sensation or function.

Can penis exercises help me to add girth as well?

The appearance of increased girth may be caused by a temporary increase in blood flow and circulation to the penis.

Are there any risks to penis exercises?

The ligaments that connect the penis to the body are susceptible to tearing and damage from excessive force applied to the penis. One may have more trouble getting and keeping an erection depending on the severity of these injuries.

How many inches can penis exercises help me grow?

As shown, regular penis exercises may cause a temporary lengthening of the penis; some men report enjoying an extra 0.5 to 1 inch. These outcomes most likely won’t last forever.

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