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Aupadhenava & Aurabhra in Ayurveda

Who is Aupadhenava in Ayurveda?

According to Dalhana’s commentary, it is known that Aupadhenava, Vaitarana, Aurabhra, Poushkalavata, Karavirya, and Gopura Rakshita were the colleagues of Susruta and the disciples of Dhanvantari.

Aupadhenava composed a text on Salya Tantra, known as Aupadhenava Tantra, which is not available now.

The treatises composed by Aupadhenava, Susruta, Aurabhra, and Poushkalavata were considered meritorious and they formed the basis of later compilations.

Presently Susruta Samhita is the only available complete text along with commentaries.

Who is Aurabhra in Ayurveda?

He wrote a treatise on Salya Tantra, named Aurabhra Tantra, which is not available now.

It is also known from Chikitsakalika that Aupadhenava and Aurabhra were proficient in the art of surgery.

From Susruta’s words, it is known that Aupadhenava Tantra and Aurabhra Tantra existed.

As the quotations are not found in the commentaries on the original texts, it is probable their treatises were not available to medieval authors of medical texts.

Dalhana quoted that Dosholpo Ahita Sambhutah’ – Su. U. 39 was the concept of Aupadhenava.

Poushkalavate apuktam .. Aharasya Parandhama Tadagninaranjitam Raktatwam Pratipadyate was the concept of Poushkalavata.

Dalhana also quoted the concept of ‘Vaitarana’, while discussing the treatment of Ashmari.

Bandages and the surgical techniques which were not mentioned in Susruta Samhita were found in Vaitarana Tantra’.

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