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Bhattara Harischandra commentator of Charak samhita

Bhattara Harischandra wrote a commentary on Charaka Samhita, by name ‘Charakanyasa’, which is the oldest one.

The complete commentary is not available and the commentary on 1,2, 3 &5 chapters of Sutrasthana were published by Mastanadha Shastry of Lahore.

A manuscript copy of this commentary is in the Madras Govt. library.

As he was a versatile genius hè became popular in the literary as well as medical world.

The literary style and the beauty of presentation of Bhattara Harischandra conferred him a sovereign place among the writers of prose such as Bhasa,Agnimitra, Kuntideva, Kalidasa ete.

Hence he was also praised by the great poet ‘Bana’ in the beginning ofHarsha Charitra.

The commentary on Charaka Samhita by Bhattara Harischandra is considered to be the best by many scholars like Indu, Tisata, Maheswara etc.

Tisatacharya stated that it would be arrogance on the part of any one else to attempt to write a commentary on Charaka Samhita, after Harischandra and Jeijata.

Maheswara quoted that Bhattara Harischandra was the court physician ofthe king Sahasanka who belonged to (375-413 AD) 5th cent. AD.

Bhattara Harischandra flourished before the time of Vagbhata can be proved by the fact that Tisata, the son of Vagbhata quoted Bhattara Harischandra.

Bhattara Harischandra also wrote a commentary on ‘Kharanada Samhita’,which was redacted later on by Indra.

It was available till the time of Arunadatta and Hemadri.

Bhattara Harischandra quoted 42 Tantra Yuktis in the beginning ofhis work.But Acharya Dridhabala mentioned 36 only.

It is really a misfortune of the medical world that his works are not available to the present day generation.

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