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Bhoja Tantra , Videha Tantra

Who is Bhoja in Ayurveda?

It is one of the most popular treatises on Salya Tantra, composed by Bhoja, who was the disciple of Dhanvantari and the colleague of Susruta. The commentators of Susruta and others, in their works, quoted several references to Bhoja Tantra.

While describing the surgical instruments, Dalhana quoted as

*Tadhata Bhojaha- Sastram Vrihimukham Karyamangulani Shadayatam

Dwyangulam tasya Vrittam Syat tatphalam Chaturangulam’-Su. Su. 8i ch.

While describing the types of Alkalies ..

Yaduktam Bhoje’- Su. Su. 1″ ch.

Karnapali. Bhoje Api’.- Su. Su. 13th ch.

Regimen of food for Vranita… ŞSu. Su. 19h ch ….

Vijayarakshita quoted the concepts of Bhoja regarding Grahaniroga, Rajayakshma and Murcha.

Srikanthadatta also quoted the views of Bhoja while discussing Vishpota and Mukharoga.

Karavirya Tantra

Karavirya was also one of the disciples of Dhanvantari.

He wrote a treatise on Salya Tantra. He is quoted in Madhukosa while discussing Atisara.


He was a disciple of Dhanvantari and also a colleague of Susruta, Aupadhenava, Aurabhra, Poushkalavata, Karavira etc.

Some considered Gopura and Rakshita to be the names of two persons. But it is not true.

He was quoted in Tatwachandrika.


Vaitarana was a disciple of Dhanvantari.

As per the reference quoted by Dalhana in his work, Nibandha Sangraha, in the chapter on the extraction of stone, it can be noticed that Vaitarana was a specialist in surgery.

Bhaluki Tantra

Chakrapanidutta as well as Dalhana quoted him in the commen taries on Susruta Samhita. Vijayarakshita and Srikanthadatta have also quoted Bhaluki in their work Madhukosa,

Similar to Salya Tantra, separate works on Salakya Tantra also existed, among them Videha Tantra, Kankayana Tantra and Sounaka Tantra are the important treatises.

Videha Tantra

It was written by the king of Videha, Janaka. Videha Tantra was also called as Nimi Tantra, which mainly dealt with eye diseases.

He was quoted by Dalhana, Vijayarakshita and Srikanthadatta in their works. Kankayana (Tantra), Gargya (Tantra), Galava (Tantra)’Satyaki (Tantra) etc. were quoted by Dalhana, Vijayarakshita and Srikanthadatta.

Some of the passages from the treatises namely Sounaka Tantra, Karala Tantra, Krishnatreya Tantra, Chakshusya Tantra were quoted by Chakrapanidutta, Srikanthadatta and Shivadas Sen in their works.

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