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Sharangadhara Samhita

Sharangadhara Samhita

Sharangadhara Samhita was one among Laghu Trayee. Who is the author of Sharangadhara Samhita? The author of “Sharangadhara Samhita’ was Sharangadhara the elder son of Damodara and the grandson of Raghavadev. Sharangadhara Samhita Chapters and division The whole treatise consists… Read More »Sharangadhara Samhita

Ashtanga Hridaya

Ashtanga Hridaya

Who wrote Ashtanga Hridaya? Ashtanga Hridayam were written by Acharya Vagbhata. Who is the author of Ashtanga Hridaya? Some opine that the author of Ashtanga Sangraha was Vriddha Vagbhataand the author of Ashtanga Hridaya was Laghu Vagbhata. What is the… Read More »Ashtanga Hridaya

Sushrut Samhita

Sushruta Samhita

Which is the oldest text on surgery? Sushruta Samhita was one of the ancient and popular treatises of Ayurveda and especially deals with surgery. Sushrut Samhita is the oldest surgical textbook. which is available till today date and the Allopathic… Read More »Sushruta Samhita

Charak Samhita

Charaka Samhita

Charaka Samhita (by Agnivesa), Susruta Samhita (by Susruta), and Ashtanga Sangraha/ Hridaya are recognized as Brihat Trayee or the greater trio. Who is write the Charak Samhita? Charaka Samhita occupies a very important place in the history of the world’s… Read More »Charaka Samhita