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Dalhana, Nibandha Sangraha

Nibandha Sangraha

The best and the only available full length commentary on Susruta Samhita is Nibandha Sangraha.

The author of Nibandha Sangraha was Dalhana.

He was the native of Ankola, near Madhura of Madanka Kingdom.

He belonged to a traditional Brahmin family and his ancestors were also experts in the field of medical science:His forefathers: Govinda> Jayapala> Bharapala >Dalhana.

Dalhana was well known to the king Sahalapala Dev.

Dalhana stated that he revised the present work after referring the available commentaries on Susruta Samhita by Jejjata, Gayadasa, Bhaskara, Brahmadeva etc.

He also mentioned that his work would be useful for many Ayurveda scholars, because of the easier mode of presentation, compared with the others.

Dalhana’s use of Bengali words like – Bandhika, Banduke, Tarakshu, Aswatara, Paneeya, Bidala etc.

in many places suggests that he belonged to Bengali region.

Dalhana did not quote Chakrapani in his commentary and Chakrapani did not quote Dalhan. Some scholars opine that both of them belonged to the same region and may be having professional rivalry.

His date can be fixed as 12th century AD.

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