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Dashamooladi Ghrita: Benefits, Ingredients, Dosage, And Side Effects

Dashmooladi Ghrita is an ayurvedic property of medicine. It is explained in Charaka Samhita for the treatment of Hikka-Swash.

Dashamoola is a potent magical mixture made from the dried roots of ten different plants, as its name suggests. Due to its incredible health benefits, Ayurveda has used dashamoola for centuries. It has the attributes that combine to effectively provide cures for a variety of illnesses, particularly those affecting the lungs, muscles, bones, joints, nerves, and other body parts. The term “Dashamoola” is Sanskrit, where “Dasha” refers to the number ten and “moola” to the root.

This amazing herbal remedy is frequently used as an enema because it relieves constipation, anorexia, abdominal lumps, bloating, flatulence, lower back conditions, and inflammation in the pelvic and sacral regions. It is also used for pain disorders and inflammatory diseases like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gouty arthritis. It is very important because of its amazing expectorant, analgesic nervine, and febrifuge actions because they help the body’s air and space elements, or Vata doshas, flow downward and relieve most nervine disorders linked to weakness, debility, and pain. It is crucial in cases of Parkinson’s disease, sciatica, and tremors. Asthma, hoarseness (hoarse voice), chronic fever, dry coughs, persistent coughs, breathing difficulties, and other respiratory-related health issues have all been successfully treated with dashamula.

Ingredient of Dashmooladi Ghrita

  • Bilva (Indian Bael) – Aegle marmelos 
  • Agnimantha (Arani) – Premna serratifolia (Premna mucronata & Premna integrifolia)
  • Gambhari (Beechwood/ Kasmari)  – Gmelina Arborea 
  • Shyonaka – Oroxylum Indicum 
  • Patala – Stereospermum suaveolens
  • Brihati (Indian Nightshade) – Solanum Indicum 
  • Shalaparni – Desmodium gangeticum 
  • Kantakari – Solanum xanthocarpum 
  • Gokshura or Gokhru – Tribulus terrestris
  • Prishnaparni – Uraria pictadadhimanda (supernatant part of curd)
  • Krishna (Piper nigrum Linn.)
  • Sauvarchala (A variety of salt)
  • Yava kshara (alkali made of barley)
  • Vayastha (Bacopa monnieri)
  • Hingu (Ferula narthex Boiss)
  • Choraka (Angelica glauca Edgew)
  • Kayastha (Ocimum sanctum)

Sanskrit Sloka Reference of Dashmooladi Ghrita

दशमूलरसे सर्पिर्दधिमण्डे च साधयेत् | 
कृष्णासौवर्चलक्षारवयःस्थाहिङ्गुचोरकैः ||१४०|| 
कायस्थया च तत् पानाद्धिक्काश्वासौ प्रणाशयेत् |१४१|   Cha.Chi.17/140

Benefits of Dashmooladi Ghrita

  1. Dhashmooladi ghrita preparations should be given to hikka and shwasa patients.
  2. Dryness of the chest, Throat, and palate
  3. Who are naturally dry-skinned.

Dashmooladi Ghrita Effect on Dosha

Dashmooladi Ghrita has VAT-KAPHA har Action due to its content of Dashmools as the main ingredients and Dashmooldi is a strong vat-Kapha har Properties.

Dose of Dashmooladi Ghrita

As an Oral Medicine: 1-2 Teaspoons Dhashmooldi Ghrita with lukewarm water before food or after food as per Disease, usually 2 times a day. or As per the Ayurvedic doctor’s advice.

As a Panchakarma Procedure: Dashmooladi Ghrita is useful in Panchakarma as a Snehan Procedure. The dose of the Dashmooladi Ghrita in panchakarma depends on the disease and severity of the disease.

Side Effects of Dashmooladi Ghrita

Till now there is no side effect of Dashmooladi Ghrita has been noted. but we are recommended to take Dashmooladi Ghrita under ayurvedic Doctors. Self-medication of Dashmooldi Ghrit may cause some side effects due to unknown doses and the interaction of medicine.

Can We Use Dashmooladi Ghrita with Modern Medicine?

If you are taking Dashmooladi Ghrita along with any other western (allopathic/modern) medications, seek the advice of your doctor. A few herbs used in Ayurveda may interact with allopathic medications used today.
It is best to take the allopathic medication first, wait 30 minutes, and then take the ayurvedic medication—or follow the doctor’s instructions—if the two types of medication are prescribed together.

Can we use Dashmooladi Ghrita with Homeopathic medicine?

Yes, Dashmooladi Ghrita does not have any interaction and Side effects with Homeopathic Medicine.

Can we take Dashmooladi Ghrita with Multivitamins tablets, Minerals tablets, Omega 3 fatty acids Etc?

Yes, Dashmooladi Ghrita has no side effects or interaction with dietary supplements like vitamin tablets, minerals tablets, and others. Please seek medical advice from your doctor if you are taking more than one product each day.

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