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Gargya & Bahlika Kankayana in Ayurveda

Gargya & Bahlika Kankayana in Ayurveda

Who is Gargya in Ayurveda?

Gargya’s name occurs in the list of sages like Krishnatreya, Karala, Sounaka, Bhadra-Sounaka, and Kankayana. In Hasti Ayurveda of Palakapya, Gargya is further stated to have been present in the meeting of Romapada, a friend of Dasaradha.

According to Dalhana’s quotations, he was a contemporary of Nimi, Kankayana, etc. Hari Shastri Paradkar, editor of Ashtanga Hridaya says that Gargya wrote a treatise on Salakya Tantra.

Who is Bahlika Kankayana in Ayurveda?

References are available that the disciples of Divodasa Dhanvantari such as Aupadhenava, Aurabhra, Susruta, Nimi, Kankayana etc. used to sit nearer to him and hear the discourses.

Nimi has been accepted as a Salakin and his associates can be logically taken to be authors of Salakya.

Charaka has mentioned Kankayana as an eminent physician of Bahlika Desa after whose name formulations named Kankayana Gutika are used for Arshas and Gulma. But unfortunately, no treatise of Salakya written by Kankayana is now available.

Gargya & Bahlika Kankayana are shalkya tantra specialist. If Gargya & Bahlika Kankayana samhita available Today may be it will more developed than allopathic medicine.

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