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Gayadas commentator of SuSruta Samhita

Gayadasa wrote a commentary on SuSruta Samhita by name “Nyaya Chandrika”.

Nyaya Chandrika was also known as Naya Chandrika, Chandrika and Panjika.

Gayadas commentary on Nidana Sthana is available in Bikanir Raja and it was published by Nirnaya Sagar press, Bombay, along with the commentary of Dalhana.

Gayadasa was the court physician of the king Mahipala in the kingdom of Gouds. (988-1035 AD).

Gayadas quoted Jejjata, several times in his commentary. Similarly Dalhana quoted many references from the commentary of Gayadasa.

It suggests that he lived after Jeijata but before Dalhana. Hence Gayadasa’s period can be fixed as 11h century AD.

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