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Harita in Ayurveda

Who is Acharya Harita in Ayurveda?

Harita belongs to the galaxy of the six brilliant disciples of Punarvasu Atreya. He also composed a treatise named ‘Harita Samhita’. The original work is not available now.

By the name ‘Harita’, there was an eminent scholar who was the disciple of the great sage ‘Jabali’ and was the author of Dharma Sastra and Smriti books.

It is very difficult to conclude that the son of Jabali has become Atreya’s disciple.

Another Harita was quoted by Vagbhata who was not concerned with the author of Harita Samhita.

Harita, the disciple of Atreya was quoted in many famous medical works viz., Tatwachandrika, Tatwapradeepika, Bhavaprakasa, Chikitsakalika, Charaka Samhita, Susruta Samhita, Commentary of Shivadas Sen.

In the year 1887 ‘Harita Samhita’ was published from Calcutta. The language and the style of presentation don’t look like the language of Agnivesa period. It might have been written in the later period by someone under the name of Harita.

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