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Hiranyaksha in Ayurveda

Who is hiranyaksha in Ayurveda?

Literally, Hiranyaksha’ means golden-eyed person. Most probably *Hiranyaksha’ might have golden eyes or yellowish eyes.

He was a great scholar of Ayurveda and was a contemporary of Atreya, Bharadwaja, etc.

For the redemption of suffering mankind, an international conference was held in the Himalayan region, to which many a number of Indian delegates like Angira, Jamadagni, Vasishta, Kasyapa, Bhikshu Atreya, Bharadwaja, Viswamitra and the foreigners like Hiranyaksha, Paingi, Pulastya, Kaikasaya, etc. attended. The congress elected the Sage Bharadwaja and sent him to Indra, the king of gods to learn the science of life. Hiranyaksha was also one of the delegates that participated in the international conference held at the Himalayan region for the redemption of suffering mankind.

Hiranyaksha belonged to Europe. After getting the knowledge from Bharadwaja, he spread the same in his country, and hence he was called the first scholar of European Medicine.

As he was a great scholar, (he was recognized by Punarvasu Atreya) he was invited to participate in the seminars and symposia conducted by Punarvasu Atreya.

In the 25th chapter of Charaka Samhita, Sutrasthana, the name of Hiranyaksha can be seen as he participated in the discussion pertaining to *Rasi Purushotpatti’ and Rogotpatti and condemned the statement of Varyovida.

Hiranyaksha was also known as ‘Kousika’. It can be understood from the commentary of Chakrapanidutta.

In Kasyapa Samhita, Rogadhyaya, 7 types of diseases were confirmed by Hiranyaksha as under Vataja, Pittaja, Kaphaja, Dwandaja and Sannipataja.

Srikanthadatta, the commentator of Madhavanidana also quoted from Hiranyaksha Tantra, in the chapter Balarogadhikara while narrating the symptoms of Sakuni Graha’.

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