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Jatukarna in Ayurveda

Who is Jatukarna in Ayurveda?

Jatukarna was also one of the six disciples of Punarvasu Atreya and was the contemporary of Agnivesa, Bhela, etc.

Like Agnivesa and Bhela, he wrote a treatise on medicine known as Jatukarna Samhita or Jatukarna Tantra. He was also known as Jaatookarna’.

Jatukarna Tantra is not available now but it seems that it was available up to Chakrapani’s time.

Jejjata, Chakrapani, Dalhana, Arunadatta, Vijayarakshita, Srikanthadatta, Shivadas Sen, etc. quoted Jatukarna in their works, which indicates that he was a great scholar of Ayurveda.

Literally Jatukarna’ means ‘bat-eared’. No reference is available that Jatukarna had ears like a bat or whether it was just a proper noun.

In Satapatha Brahmana, Jatukarna wasdescribed as a propunder of “Brahma Vidya”. He is so great that his name is reverently used to denote a “Gotra’.

It is a great loss for the medical world that some part of his work of Jatukarna Samhita is lost.

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