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Krishnatreya in Ayurveda

Who is Krishnatreya in Ayurveda?

Krishnatreya name occurs in the list of sages like Gargya, Karala, Sounaka, Bhadra-Sounaka, and Kankayana.

There are many formulations ascribed to Krishnatreya in Charaka Samhita. Commenting on the Nagaradi churna, Chakrapanidutta says that elders take Punarvasu and Krishnatreya as one.

Krishnatreya s also said to have been a specialist in Salakya as quoted by Srikantha and Shivadas Sen.

It seems that some text authored by Krishnatreya was also there which is quoted off and on. It contained the chapters related to Dravyaguna and Paribhasha too.

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