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Ksharapani in Ayurveda

Who is Ksharapani in Ayurveda?

Ksharapani was also one of the six disciples of Punarvasu Atreya.

He was the colleague of Agnivesa, Bhela, Jatukarna, etc. Along with his colleagues, he also composed a treatise known as “Ksharapani Samhita’. The original work is not available presently.

Many other authors like Susruta, Vijayarakshita, and Shivadas Sen also liberally quoted him.

The prognostic aspects of Sodha described by Ksharapani were quoted by Vijayarakshita in his commentary Madhukosa’ on Madhavanidana.

Similarly, the features of Balasa Jwara mentioned in Ksharapani Samhita were quoted by Susruta.

Vagbhata also quoted Ksharapani in his Ashtanga Hridaya, while describing Rakta Gulma.

Shivadas Sen has taken the formulation Pippalyadi Leha’ for Pitta Kshayaja Kasa from Ksharapani Samhita.

It is a known fact that every disciple of Atreya has written one treatise each in their respective names but presently only Agnivesa Tantra and Bhela Samhita are available to us.

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