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Mahricha Kasyapa in Ayurveda

Who is Kasyapa in Ayurveda?

Kasyapa Samhita is one of the ancient available treatises on Ayurveda, composed by Kasyapa.

It is also known as Vruddha Jivaka Tantra.

In the early days of the 20th century, the M.S.S. of Kasyapa Samhita was obtained from the palace library by pt. Hemraj Sharma, Raja Guru of Nepal, and the same was published by Nirnayasagar Press, Bombay in the year 1938 under the supervision of Yadavji Trikamji.

As per the references quoted in Kalpadhyaya, it is understood that various disorders have manifested due to the destruction of Daksha Yagna only. Then Kasyapa Maharshi studied the science of life under Indra and composed a treatise known as Kasyapa Samhita‘ and taught the same to his sons and disciples.

Jivaka, the son of ‘Ruchika’ and the youngest among all the disciples of Kasyapa composed a treatise on pediatrics at first and showed it to his preceptor.

But the galaxy of sages did not accept it, as he was five years old. Then the boy dipped in the waters of the river Ganges at ‘Kanakha’ in the presence of the sages and came out as an old man having wrinkles on his face with grey mustaches and a beard. That scene made the sages astonished and then they admired him as a great physician and also accepted his work and called him Vriddha Jivaka’.

Though Vriddha Jivaka Tantra was lost at the beginning of Kaliyuga, a copy of it was preserved by one of the Yakshas named “Anayasa” for the benefit of mankind.

In the later days, Vatsya’ belonging to Kasyapa Vamsa obtained the treatise from ‘Anayasa’ and redacted the same in eight parts.

In Kasyapa Samhita at the beginning and At the end of each chapter, it is At the end of each chapter, it is mentioned as ‘Ithi hasmaha Bhagawan Kasyapaha’.

On certain occasions, the word ‘Maricha’ is used instead of ‘Kasyapa’. Hence it can be inferred that Kasyapa and Maricha are one and the same.

Formulations attributed to Kasyapa

1. Dasanga Dhupa
2. Abhaya Ghrita

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