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Nimi in Ayurveda

Who is Nimi in Ayurveda?

Nimi was the first man who composed a treatise on Salakya Tantra and also known as Nimi Tantra (or) Videha Tantra.

Acharya Susruta took some references from ‘Nimi Tantra’ and presented the subject matter related to Salakya Tantra in his work, Susruta Samhita. It is known through the historical references that the king ‘Nimi’ and Vaideha’ are one and the same.

In Bhagavata, the matter relating to the king Nimi can be seen as under:

o Once upon a time the king Nimi, Son of Ikshwaku decided to conduct a sacrificial act and invited Vasishta Maharshi to perform Yagna.

o As he was already invited by “Indra”, he asked king Nimi, to wait for him till his arrival, after attending to Lord Indra.

o King Nimi was impatient to wait for a longer period and started Yagna’ with the available sages.

Vasishta Maharshi came from Indra and saw the situation, and got very much annoyed with the king Nimi who started Yagna without waiting for him and cursed him to death.

King Nimi also cursed the same in return, as Vasishta did not follow the Dharma.

Then the soul of Vasishta left his body and entered the womb of ‘Urvasi’ and was born as a child with the help of Mitravarana.

The body of the king Nimi was preserved by the sages till the completion of the Yagna.

Then the sages (churned) massaged the body of Nimi at the suggestion of the Gods, and a boy came out from the body. As he was the king by birth he was called Janak and as he was born from a ‘body’ (Videha) he was known as *Vaideha’. He was also called Midhila’ as he was born due to ‘Manthan (Churning).

Nimi consider a father of the shalkya tantra (ENT) in Ayurveda.

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