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Parasara in Ayurveda

Who is Parasara in Ayurveda?

Parasara was one of the six disciples of Punarvasu Atreya and was the contemporary of Agnivesa.

He also wrote a treatise named Parasara Samhita’, but it is not available now.

In ‘Hasti-Ayurveda’, a treatise on the treatment of elephants – it is stated that Rishis namely Achuda, Matanga, and Urmimali were invited by Romapada’ to learn Hasti Ayurveda’ under Parasara.

Another work ‘Takra-Kalpa’, a treatise on pharmaceutics of buttermilk is also ascribed to him.

Vagbhata, Dalhana, Chakrapani, Hemadri etc. quoted Parasara in their works. Shivadas Sen in his ‘Vyakhya Kusumavali’ also quotes him in several places.

Susruta, while describing the process of the development of the fetus, quoted that according to Parasara umbilicus was the first organ formed in the fetus. The word ‘Shat’ is a word to signify the six treatises on medicines composed by Agnivesa, Bhela, Jatukarna, Harita, Ksharapani, and Parasara.

While discussing Vasti Karma’, the opinion of Parasara regarding the quantity of Vasti Dravya and the number of Vasti was also quoted.

While discussing Vipaka, Vagbhata quoted the opinion of ‘Parasara’ in his work Ashtanga Sangraha.

Chakrapani also quoted the opinion of Parasara regarding the transformation of body tissues.

Parasara opined that Siras starts from Guda sthana.

According to the comments of Shivadas Sen, Parasara Samhita was popular up to the 15th century A.D.

The original work is not available presently. All we know about his works is from the cross-references quoted in other works.

Parasara super Speciality in Pashu chikitsha ( Animal treatment).

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