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Sasilekha A Commentary on Ashtanga Sangraha

Who Wrote Commentary on Ashtanga Sangraha?

Indu wrote the commentary on Ashtanga Sangraha.

Name of the commentary on Ashtanga Sangraha?

Sasilekha is the only available commentary on Ashtanga Sangraha which was written by Indu.It is quite elaborate and explains the text clearly and hence it helps to understand the subject matter very clearly.

Though prior to Indu many commentaries were written, unfortunately none of them have survived.

Indu also wrote a commentary on Ashtanga Hridaya by name “Indumati”.He did not furnish any information about himself.

As he offered prayers to Hindu gods in the beginning of his treatise. it can be inferred that he belongs to a Hindu Brahmin family.

In the commentary, Indu furnished the names of plants and the names being known only in Kashmiri basing on this it can be inferred that he belongs to Kashmir region.

Kshira Swami (11h century AD) in his commentary on Amarkosha quoted Indu.

What is Time Period Of indu?

Indu’s time is definitely before Kshira Swami. Indu may belong to 9th or 10th century.

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