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Who wrote Sharangadhara Samhita?

Sharangadhara wrote a popular treatise on medicine known as ‘Sharangadhara Samhita‘.

Along with Madhavanidana and Bhavaprakasa it has been categorized as Laghu Trayee’.

What is the Time Period Of Sharangadhara?

Around 13-14 AD is the time period of Sharangadhara.

Textbook written by Sharangadhara?

Sharangadhara also composed a treatise on ‘Neeti Sastra’ known as “Sharangadhara Paddhati” In his work ‘Sharangadhara Paddhati’ he gave the particulars of his family as under:He was the eldest son of Damodar and the grandson of Raghavadev.

Raghavadev was a great poet in the court of the king of Hammir, who ruled the country Sakambhari in the 13th century AD.

Raghavadev was also the author of ‘Mahaganapati Stotra’.As on today ‘Sakambhari Devi Temple’ can be been which is situated in Ambala Mandal, Haryana State near Kurukshetra.

It was difficult for the general practitioners to study the voluminous works of Charaka, Susruta etc. Hence the authors and the scholars of Ayurvedic science felt that there was an acute need of short treatises to help them. Keeping this in view most of the authors tried to compose their treatises from 10th century onwards.

Sharangadhara also adopted the same principle and wrote his work on medicine, ‘Sharangadhara Samhita’. Sharangadhara was not only a great physician but also a good poet.

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