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Sushrut Sharir Garbhāvakrāntiśārīram MCQs

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3. Garbhāvakrāntiśārīram

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पीनप्रसन्नवदना निम्न में से किसका लक्षण है
PīnaPrasannaVadanā is the symptom of

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स्फुरणं च योने:' निम्न में से किसका लक्षण है ?
"Sphuranam cha yoneh" is the symptom of which of the following ?

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नरकामा is lakshana of
Narakāmā is the lakshana of

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प्रियकथा किसका लक्षण है
Priyakathā is the symptom of

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सुश्रुत के अनुसार ऋतुकाल की मर्यादा है
Time limit of Ritukāla according to Sushruta

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