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Varyovida in Ayurveda

Who is Varyovida in Ayurveda?

Varyovida was the king of Kasi and also a great scholar of Ayurveda. He was the contemporary of Atreya and Kasyapa.

In Kasyapa Samhita Rogadhyaya, the reference of Varyovida is seen. Similarly, at the end of the chapter Kukunaka’ it is noticed that Maricha Kasyapa taught pediatrics to the king Varyovida.

In the 12th chapter of Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana, a discussion between Maricha and Varyovida pertaining to the merits and demerits of Vata is seen, which infers that both of them were contemporaries.

In the 25th and 26th chapters of Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana, it can be seen that Varyovida also participated in the discussions along with the other disciples of Atreya.

Even though no specific work in the name of Varyovida’ is available, he was one of the great scholars of Ayurveda belonging to the period of Atreya.

In other treatises of Ayurveda also it can be found that Varyovida, Punarvasu Atreya and Maricha Kasyapa were contemporaries.

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